Burnt Etch


Additional Cost: $90

The burnt etching process permanently engraves your artwork into the cover of your portfolio. It bites into the cover digging into the surface through the top layer of bamboo, when you touch it you will feel an indentation similar to a deboss.


When applied to the bamboo portfolios the burnt etching process looks like a burn or brand into the finished cover. For the subtle approach stain over the etched area on our black bamboo portfolio for a de-boss look.

Cherry, Teak or Walnut

When etching into the cover of the wood grain portfolios we remove the top layer of the substrate which reveals a natural looking material underneath. This gives your logo artwork a strong contrast with the wood grain on the cover.

Available with: black bamboo, solid bamboo, bamboo, walnut, teak and cherry.

Portfolio examples: Dan Barham, Organic, JIND Fruit Co., Guu Restaurant, Hilton Hotel and Mountain Equipment Coop.