Frost Etch


Additional Cost: $90

The frost etching process is only available on anodized aluminum and black anodized aluminum, it is applied using a laser technique. This is a permanent application and will not rub or scratch off. The aluminum turns to a frosty white on silver anodized aluminum or gray/white on black anodized aluminum for a pronounced look that bonds with the cover material. The artwork will not be recessed into the cover but the surface of the aluminum will be altered and will have a different texture than the rest of the cover when the viewer runs their hand over it.

Available with: anodized aluminum, black anodized aluminum, interior of walnut, cherry, teak, black bamboo, bamboo or with a plate on any finish.

Portfolio examples: VW / Audi, MacLaren McCann, Zachary Bolstad, Billy Burke and Caitlin Elmore.