Additional Cost: $125

Attaching a plate to your portfolio cover is a great way to brand your book and can be combined with enamel, CNC, gloss etch, black etch, burnt etch or frost etch to get a sharp look out of your presentation. You can recess the plate into the cover with several of our designs for a flush finish. A plate has the advantage of a second life since you can send your portfolio back to us as your brand evolves and we can replace it with a new plate. This adds to the lifespan of your portfolio and can also be used on portfolios that were previously etched to cover or replace the previous artwork.

Available with: anodized aluminum, perforated aluminum, teak, cherry, walnut, bamboo, solid bamboo, black anodized aluminum, black bamboo, gloss white.

Portfolio examples: Kawasaki, Rolls Royce, MacLaren McCann and iCrossing.