How do I order?
You can order through the SHOP section on our website or go to CONTACT and drop us a line through email or telephone and we will be happy to answer any questions and take your order.
What are my shipping options? How much does it cost?
We ship via Fedex Ground ($25) or TNT 2day ($90). International shipments ship via TNT ($90) to most countries and generally take 4-6 days. Overnight and international express shipments are available but its best to get in touch with us for the best rate if you require this service.
How long to ship?
Fedex ground generally takes 4-8 days within North America. 2day and overnight shipping are available. International shipping takes 4-6 days.
Does the portfolio come with pages?
The portfolio does not come with pages but we do sell double sided polypropylene pages and hinge strips for all of the sizes that we carry.  We can also special order these items for custom sizes. Our templates also have hole patterns included if you wish to score and punch your own pages. Simply download the appropriate template for your portfolio and use the hole pattern you see on the template.
Can I buy a case or bag to protect my portfolio?
We sell zipper cases for our portfolios made from polyester that are built tough to take the abuse of heavy handling so that your portfolio doesn’t have too. Just look under accessories to find the right one for your portfolio selection.
Does Shrapnel make custom portfolios?
Shrapnel specializes in making custom presentation portfolios. See the GALLERY section or the BLOG section of our website to get inspired. Get in touch via email or phone and we will be happy to discuss the different options available. There are a lot of different ideas on our website but we are always excited to try something new so don’t be afraid to send us some of your concepts and we can help actualize your vision.
Does Shrapnel make custom boxes?
Shrapnel specializes in making custom presentation boxes. See our GALLERY page for inspiration and ideas from past projects or give us a call and we can collaborate on a piece that fits your needs.
Do you provide lower pricing on volume purchases?
We discount volume order whenever possible. Send us an email outlining what you are looking for and we will issue our best price.
Do you ship internationally?
We will ship to any location that Fedex or TNT service. The cost of shipping will be your responsibility but we will do our best to get your portfolio to you at the best price possible.
Are your portfolios available in stores?
If you send us an email or give us a call we are happy to connect you to the nearest retailer that sells our product.
Can I buy directly from Shrapnel?
We are available to take your order through our website, over the phone or via email. By ordering directly through us you have the full range of portfolio options, customization and discounts that we offer.
How many pages fit in a Shrapnel portfolio?
Our standard screw-post portfolio holds 15-20 pages but longer screw-posts are available so you can make it as large as you like. Order a screw-post pack with longer screw-posts to suit your specialized needs.
How much does customization cost?
Customization costs have a set-up fee of $90-$150 on a single portfolio depending on which process you want to use. We offer discounts on multiple units or processes using the same artwork. Custom sizes generally have a $100 setup fee.
Can I get a portfolio customized that I already have?
If you have already purchased a Shrapnel Design portfolio and wish to have it customized feel free to send it back to us and we will be happy to apply your artwork to the portfolio. Don’t forget to download the proper template in the CUSTOMIZE section of our website to make things easy.
Is the outside dimension of the portfolio the same as the page size?
The page size refers to the size of pages that the portfolio is designed to hold. The portfolio itself will always be slightly larger than the page size to protect the edges of your pages and frame your work beautifully. See the SHOP section with specific sizes for each individual portfolio or download the applicable template which illustrates the page size vs. the outside dimension of the portfolio with the blue line representing the page size and the red line representing the outside edges of the book.
What are the hole patterns for the screw-post portfolios?
Each product in our SHOP has specific information about the hole pattern for the portfolio in the product info which you can access but rolling over or clicking on the image.
Will I get a discount based on the exchange rate because Shrapnel Design is in Canada?
If you are paying by credit card and are from the USA you may save up to 10% due to an automatic currency exchange which happens when using Visa or Mastercard. Check with an online currency exchange to see where the Canadian dollar is at vs. the US dollar before you make your purchase.