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Small Run, High Quality Presentation Solutions

Shrapnel Design manufactures presentation solutions for creative professionals from architectural quality materials.

Customizable At Every Step

Our design process allows for a high level of customization, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as intended. From tailored finishes to personalized engravings, we work closely with you to create an end product that reflects your brand identity.

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Paying Homage to Traditional Craft

Traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology to create bespoke pieces meant to last a lifetime. Our team of skilled industrial designers marry time-honored techniques with cutting-edge processes, resulting in a product that exceeds expectations time and time again. 

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NOT YOURS is a brick and mortar specialty shop located in the creative heart of East Vancouver. This industrial outpost within our production studio is stocked with desktop accessories, analog creative tools, and hard-to-find design objects. Locally and globally sourced items are presented alongside NOT YOURS house label items made onsite.

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Shrapnel Believes in Sustainability

Being green comes naturally to us. We consider every aspect of our process and how it affects the world around us. 

We design and manufacture our products in Vancouver, Canada, minimizing the distance our product travels to get to the majority of our clients in North America. We source all materials and processes from Canadian companies, with a surprising number of our suppliers based in our neighbourhood right here in East Vancouver. Our team lives and works within the neighbourhood, adding to the fabric of the community that we love.