Brass Ruler
Brass Ruler


Brass Ruler

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The DUX German-made solid brass ruler features classic design, functionality, and durability. This ruler comes in a size of 6 inches, making it perfect to stow and bring along anywhere. Being solid brass, the weight of this tool makes it great for precision as it does not easily slip around. The raw brass will develop a unique patina over time, making this product unique to you.

DUX Brass Rulers are high-quality rulers that stand the test of time with German-made precision and old-fashioned care. The raw brass finish will darken and develop a unique patina with age. Whether you choose between a centimeter-scale (up to 15 cm) or an inch scale (up to 6 inch), these rulers are a perfect size to bring along anywhere.

Product Specs

- Brass

- 6" Length