Brass Wedge Sharpener


Brass Wedge Sharpener

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We love the DUX Brass Wedge Sharpener for its excellent weight and durability. The raw brass will develop a unique patina over time while the stainless steel blade keeps your favourite pencils sharp for life.

Established in 1908, DUX is the oldest german company creating high quality pencil sharpeners. Today, their products are manufactured in Geretsried, Bavaria using solid brass, aluminium, and Duroplast. Their use of Duroplast was inspired by the Trabant car, which used the material to produce the body of the car, these retro automobiles were manufactured in East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Product Specs

- Brass
- Aluminum

- 1" Length
- 0.6" Width
- 0.5" Thickness