String & Button Envelope
String & Button Envelope
String & Button Envelope

Onao Paper

String & Button Envelope

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SIWA's string & button envelopes add innovation to the nostalgic style. These durable envelopes feature soft Naoron paper, which is rip-proof, water resistant, and can carry up to 22 lbs of weight. The string & button style can carry large magazines or up to 500 sheets of paper by opening the bottom gusset. To increase the strength, the envelope has double seams and a double-layer of material.

Onao paper company is a family-owned company based in Japan. With over 150 years of experience in paper-making, the company continues to create innovative products in Yamanishi, a rural area near Mt. Fuji.

Product Specs

- Soft Naoron
- Resin Button

- 13.6" Height
- 9.8" Width
- 1.4" Depth